“Street Surf”

A fresh and exciting new album by Los Gringos.

Before forming Los Gringos in the German Ruhr Area in 2011, all band members had played in different hardcore punk bands. After some demo recordings, Los Gringos released their first LP ‘Surf Fast, Sleep Long’ in 2014. They had to face a lot of challenges. An additional guitar player started in 2013 and left the band in 2014, in 2018 a close friend of the band and the drummer’s wife passed away. But the band didn’t give in. By now, they have found their own unique sound and decided to record a new LP called ‘Street Surf’, released on the Dutch label Urusai Records. The sound is too surfy for punks and much too punk-esque for surfers, but Los Gringos still don’t care and they keep on keeping on.

‘Street Surf’ is an 100 % instrumental record, it’s 11 tracks will kick your ass to the moon and back!