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Presley, Elvis15 Golden Records 30 Golden Hits  7" USED45.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1977Rock&Roll /  15 × Vinyl, 7", Limited EditionMedia: NM  Sleeve: G+  Origin: US

Presley, Elvis20 Love Songs  MC USED7.50
Flash Back (3) - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  Media: M  Sleeve: M  Origin: NL

Presley, Elvis23 Country Hits  LP NEW16.90
Vinyl Passion - Rel.Date:19-08-2016Country /  

Presley, Elvis30 #1 Hits / 2nd To None  CD NEW11.90
Sony Music - Rel.Date:08-08-2013Rock&Roll / Pop2cd

Presley, Elvis32 Film-Hits  LP USED12.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1984Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: EU

Presley, Elvis32 Film-Hits  LP USED17.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1985Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, Elvis40 Greatest Hits  LP USED7.50
Arcade - Rel.Date:01-01-1975Rock&Roll /  Seine 40 Grössten HitsMedia: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, Elvis50.000.000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong  LP NEW19.99
- Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  180gr audiophyle vinyl pressing -exclusively remastered-

Presley, Elvis827 Thomas Crown Affair  CD NEW15.99
Victrola - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll / Pop

Presley, ElvisA Boy from Tupelo  CD NEW44.99
RCA - Rel.Date:27-07-2017Rock&Roll /  Rare demos, session takes and live performances. 120pg book includes private photographs & rare memo

Presley, ElvisA Boy From Tupelo: the Sun Masters  LP NEW24.95
RCA - Rel.Date:28-07-2017Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisA Canadian Tribute  LP USED10.00
- Rel.Date:01-01-1978Rock&Roll /  (Gold Transparant)Media: VG+  Sleeve: M  Origin: US

Presley, ElvisA Date with Elvis  LP USED5.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1964- /  Media: M  Sleeve: M  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisA Date With Elvis -Coloured-  LP NEW21.99
Music On Vinyl - Rel.Date:09-08-2019Rock&Roll /  180gr/Gatefold/60th Ann/2000 Cps Transparent Blue Vinyl

Presley, ElvisA Legendary Performer - Volume 1  LP USED7.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1974Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: US

Presley, ElvisA Merry Christmas from Elvis Presley  LP USED5.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1982Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisA Portrait In Music  LP USED5.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1981Rock&Roll /  Media: VG  Sleeve: G+  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisAdventura In Oriente  CD NEW24.90
Victorola Bagdad - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisAlmost In Love  LP USED5.00
RCA Camden - Rel.Date:01-01-1970Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisAloha From Hawaii Via Satellite  LP USED20.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1973Rock&Roll /  2LPMedia: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisAmerican Sound 1969 Highlights   LP NEW29.95
RCA - Rel.Date:29-11-2019Rock&Roll /  -Black Friday Release-

Presley, ElvisAnthology  CD NEW13.99
Not Now - Rel.Date:22-02-2011Rock&Roll /  Five Original Albums Digitally Remastered on 5 CDs Incl. 20 Page Booklet

Presley, ElvisAny Way You Want Me/ Love Me Tender  7" USED6.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1977Rock&Roll /  Media: VG  Sleeve: VG  Origin: US

Presley, ElvisAre You Lonesome Tonight?  7" USED12.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1980Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisAs Recorded at Madison Square Garden  LP NEW24.99
Music On Vinyl - Rel.Date:08-11-2012Rock&Roll /  180 40th anniversary edition

Presley, ElvisAs Recorded Madison Square Garden  LP USED12.50
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1972Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: UK

Presley, ElvisBest of Elvis  10" USED17.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1983Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: FRA

Presley, ElvisBest of Singles A&B  LP NEW31.90
Culture Factory - Rel.Date:19-10-2017Rock&Roll /  180gr 2LP

Presley, ElvisBlue Hawaii  7" USED7.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1962Rock&Roll / SoundtrackMedia: VG  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisBlue hawaii  LP USED12.50
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1977Pop / Rock Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: USA

Presley, ElvisBlue Hawaii  LP USED7.50
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1965Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisBlue Hawaii + Bonustrack  LP NEW14.99
- Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisBlue Hawaii -Coloured-  LP NEW18.99
Waxtime in Colour - Rel.Date:21-06-2019Rock&Roll /  Blue Vinyl

Presley, ElvisBossa Nova Baby  CD NEW7.99
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:29-05-2014Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisBurning Love  7" USED8.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1972Rock&Roll /  /It's A Matter Of TimeMedia: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisBurning Love And Hits From His Movies Vol. 2  LP USED10.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1972Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: UK

Presley, ElvisC'mon Everybody  LP USED15.00
Pickwick, RCA Camden - Rel.Date:01-01-1971Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: NM  Origin: US

Presley, ElvisC'mon Everybody  LP USED7.50
RCA International - Rel.Date:01-01-1971Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisCalifornia Sessions 1960-1961  LP NEW17.90
Bad Joker - Rel.Date:23-03-2016Rock&Roll /  Limited to 500 Copies

Presley, ElvisChristmas & Gospel Greats  CD NEW6.99
Not Now - Rel.Date:03-11-2016Pop / ChristmasTwo original albums on 2cds

Presley, ElvisChristmas Album  LP USED5.00
Camden - Rel.Date:01-01-1975Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG  Origin: UK

Presley, ElvisChristmas Album  LP NEW13.99
Dol - Rel.Date:01-01-2013Various / Christmas(Coloured Vinyl)

Presley, ElvisChristmas with Elvis & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  LP NEW23.99
RCA - Rel.Date:05-10-2017Rock&Roll / ChristmasIncl. download

Presley, ElvisChristmas With Elvis And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  CD NEW4.99
Sony Music - Rel.Date:24-11-2017Pop /  

Presley, ElvisClambake  LP USED15.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1977Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG  Origin: USA

Presley, ElvisClambake  LP USED25.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1967Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisClambake -Remastered-  LP NEW14.99
Music on Vinyl - Rel.Date:22-07-2010Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisComplete 1956-1962 Albums  CD NEW19.90
Valentine - Rel.Date:08-06-2018Rock&Roll /  Clamshel/Remastered/20pg.Booklet/17 Albums Collected

Presley, ElvisComplete Louisiana Hayride 1954-1956RSD2016 LP NEW54.90
- Rel.Date:16-04-2016Rock&Roll /  RSD 2016 - 2LP - 180gr LTD ED

Presley, ElvisCrying In The Chapel  7" USED5.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  /One NightMedia: VG+  Sleeve: G+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisDate With Elvis  LP USED5.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1964Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisDevil In Disguise  7" USED5.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1963Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisDevil In Disguise  7" USED5.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1977Rock&Roll /  / SuspicionMedia: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisDon  7" USED5.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1969Rock&Roll /  Media: VG  Sleeve: VG  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisDouble Trouble  LP USED10.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisEasy Come, Easy Go  LP USED7.50
RCA Camden - Rel.Date:01-01-1975Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: UK

Presley, ElvisELV1S - 30 #1 Hits  CD USED7.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-2002Pop /  remasteredMedia: NM  Sleeve: NM  Origin: EU

Presley, ElvisElvis  Book NEW9.99
- Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  Book inc. poster, photo cards, Birth Certificate, etc.

Presley, ElvisElvisCD-Special CD NEW4.99
RCA - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis  LP USED10.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1964Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: UK

Presley, ElvisElvis  LP NEW16.99
Dol - Rel.Date:27-10-2017Various / Christmas(Picture disc)

Presley, ElvisElvis  LP USED7.50
RCA Camden - Rel.Date:01-01-1981Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: NM  Origin: UK

Presley, ElvisElvis  LP USED15.00
Balkanton - Rel.Date:01-01-1985Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: NM  Origin: BUL

Presley, ElvisElvis  LP USED10.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1969Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: US

Presley, ElvisElvis (TV Special)  LP USED5.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1969Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: FRA

Presley, ElvisElvis - 2nd To NoneCD-Special CD NEW4.99
RCA - Rel.Date:26-02-2013Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis - Red Vinyl -  LP NEW21.90
Not Now - Rel.Date:01-12-2016Rock&Roll / Blues

Presley, ElvisElvis 30 #1 Hits -Coloured-  LP NEW26.99
RCA - Rel.Date:11-10-2018Rock&Roll / PopGold Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis 56  LP NEW20.90
- Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  180gr Audiophyle Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis at Stax  LP NEW24.99
Music On Vinyl - Rel.Date:01-08-2013Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis At the Richmond Coliseum  CD NEW24.90
Victrola - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  2 Cd

Presley, ElvisElvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)  LP USED15.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1971Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisElvis For Everyone!  LP USED7.50
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1968Rock&Roll / PopMedia: VG  Sleeve: VG  Origin: US

Presley, ElvisElvis For Everyone!  LP USED12.50
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1965Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisElvis For Everyone!  LP USED7.50
RCA International - Rel.Date:01-01-1981Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisElvis Forever  LP USED10.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1974Rock&Roll / popMedia: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisElvis Golden Records -hq-  LP NEW19.99
- Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  180gr Pure Virgin Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis In Concert  LP USED12.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1977Rock&Roll / CountryMedia: VG+  Sleeve: VG  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisElvis in Love  LP NEW19.99
MCPS - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  180gr

Presley, ElvisElvis in Paris =RSD19=RSD2019 LP NEW26.90
Culture Factory - Rel.Date:13-04-2019R&B / Soul /  RSD 2019 / BLUE, WHITE & RED VINYL

Presley, ElvisElvis In the Movies  LP USED7.00
Readers Digest - Rel.Date:01-01-1978Rock&Roll / SoundtrackMedia: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin:

Presley, ElvisElvis is back -Coloured-  LP NEW23.99
Not Now - Rel.Date:23-08-2018Rock&Roll /  Yellow Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis is Back! LP NEW19.99
Wax Time - Rel.Date:17-10-2013Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis is Back! -Coloured-  LP NEW18.99
Waxtime in Colour - Rel.Date:14-09-2018Rock&Roll /  Orange Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis is Back! -Hq-  LP NEW19.90
- Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis Love Songs  LP USED10.00
K-Tel - Rel.Date:01-01-1979Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: NM  Origin: NL

Presley, ElvisElvis Medley  7" USED15.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1982Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: M  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisElvis Now  LP USED12.50
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1972Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisElvis Now -Coloured-  LP NEW19.99
Music on Vinyl - Rel.Date:05-07-2019Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley  10" USED17.50
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1983Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: FRA

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley  LP USED15.00
RCA Victor - Rel.Date:01-01-1974Rock&Roll /  Media: VG+  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: ITA

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley  LP USED5.00
- Rel.Date:Rock /  Media: NM  Sleeve: NM  Origin: GER

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley  LP USED7.50
RCA - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: FR

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley  LP NEW19.99
Sony Legacy - Rel.Date:Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley - Hq -   LP NEW21.99
Not Now - Rel.Date:01-12-2016Rock&Roll /  Green Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley -3cd-  CD NEW5.99
- Rel.Date:08-05-2016Rock&Roll /  

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley -Coloured-  LP NEW18.99
Waxtime in Colour - Rel.Date:17-01-2019Rock&Roll /  Green Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley -Hq-  LP NEW16.90
Dol - Rel.Date:19-01-2015Rock&Roll /  First Album // 180 Grams Vinyl

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley Collection  LP USED12.50
Camden - Rel.Date:01-01-1972Rock&Roll /  Media: NM  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: UK/ E

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley In Follow That Dream  7" USED10.00
RCA - Rel.Date:01-01-1962Rock&Roll / SoundtrackMedia: VG  Sleeve: VG+  Origin: GER
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