Robin's Favorites :
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Thelonious ColtraneGuide RALPNEW 19.90
Hip Hop/Instrumentallabel: Digging Around The Minds Flava
Limited to 150 copies on black Vinyl 01-07-2017  

King GeedorahTake me to your LeaderLPNEW 34.99
Hip Hoplabel: Big Dada
Red Vinyl 29-09-2016   

FloFilzCenarioLPNEW 21.99
Hip Hop/Instrumental/Jazzylabel: Melting Pot MusicOrdered

Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothMecca & the Soul BrotherLPNEW 25.90
Hip Hoplabel: Music On Vinyl
180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl 09-06-2016   

Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothMain IngredientLPNEW 25.90
Hip Hoplabel: Music On Vinyl
2LP-180gr 04-08-2016   

A Tribe Called QuestMidnight MaraudersLPNEW 29.99
Hip Hoplabel: JiveOrdered

One DirectionFourLPNEW 29.99
Poplabel: Syco

Assim AssadoAssim AssadoLPNEW 24.99
Psychedelic Rocklabel: Groovie

MadvillainMadvillainyLPNEW 29.99
Hip Hoplabel: Stones ThrowOrdered

Demon FuzzAfreaka! -Hq/Coloured-LPNEW 19.99
Funk/Psychedeliclabel: Music On Vinyl
180gr./1000 Numbered Copies On Pink Vinyl 08-09-2017    

Brown, JamesNight Train -HQ-LPNEW 24.99
Funk/Soullabel: Not Now
Red Vinyl 01-12-2016